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  • Arakkal, Yusuf - includes a collection of abstract geometric shapes and figurative paintings.
  • Arora, Anjali - showing contemporary, realistic, and impressionistic works.
  • Bawa, Preeti - includes profile and gallery.
  • DuttaGupta, Sambuddha - offers a collection of personal work and critic reviews.
  • Gajwani, Gopi - contemporary abstract works.
  • Husain, M.F. - official site for this well-known Indian painter.
  • Karun, N. Kumar - paintings of nature, moss, and creeks.
  • Krishan, Shuchi - contains biography, paintings, mud and glass murals, and comments by art critics.
  • Kundu, Gauranga - offers contemporary art inspired by personal happenings, miseries, and incidents.
  • Mahesha Kumara.S.C. - Collection of acrylic painting, oil painting, drawing/sketching and sculpture. Surrealist, futurism art, ideal art and modern art.
  • Malesra, Kamal - a self taught artist whose paintings are a result of spiritual experiences and personal visions.
  • Menon, Anjolie Ela - includes profile, online gallery, current and forthcoming involvements, and awards.
  • Paranjape, Ravi - introduction, gallery, information on the Ravi Paranjape foundation, and more.
  • Prakash, Vinutha - features biography and gallery of miniature, Mysore, Tanjore, and Ganjifa paintings.
  • Pugliatti, Carmelo - official Site of the artist
  • S.P. Ravi - collection of paintings by a self-learned and amateur artist.
  • Sharma, Umashanker - practitioner of Rajasthani miniatures.
  • Singh, K Jagjit - displays a series of oil paintings evolving around Ladakh and Kargil.
  • Tiketar, Ashwini - includes personal gallery, press kit, and more.
  • V-Du Creations - oil paintings by two sisters.

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