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  • Aadhya Shakti - Spiritual Power - Spiritual Power ,aadhya, shakti, radha, sita, pith, maha, gayatri, maa, jagdamba, vidya, god, nav durga, uma, tantra, mantra, yantra, devta, devi, origin, universe, secret, spiritual, superior, power, goddess etc.
  • Atmajyoti - stories and photos of Indian religious pilgrimages.
  • Bismarck Seventh Day Adventist Church of North Dakota. - Come and study the Bible and end time prophecies of Daniel and Revelation online. Includes Vegan Vegetarian recipes and Martin Luther quotations.
  • Cheppad St.George Syrian Orthodox Church Community - A community which promotes the belief, history and culture of the universal Syrian Orthodox Church.
  • Christian resources at - Online Bible Study including maps, Bible games and puzzles, discussion groups, Christian names dictionary, children Bible stories, Christian books, free email, websites and Christian greeting cards.
  • Come 4 Yoga - Come 4 Yoga offers alternative healing therapies classes, beginners, intermediate and awareness courses for yoga, reiki, meditation, yogasanas and exercises benefits in Chennai, India.
  • Indian Ministries Network - Collection of Christian Ministries in India. Gives the statistics of each state in India. Gives the brief information of Missionary organisations in India.
  • Jainism and Jain Religion - about Jainism.
  • Pure Reason - The Expression of the Enlightenment Attained by the Prophets
  • - the divine place to know the true path for liberation of soul.
  • Search for - Sri Aurobindo's Yoga and advent of new race, true knowledge, light, delight, secrets of body and of matter.
  • Shri Sai Baba - Shirdi - Information on Shirdi Sai Baba, find the best ways to worship Shirdi Sai Baba, Know his life history, learn Sai Sat Charitra, Get the divine Darshan Shirdi Mandir and many more things to know about Shirdi Sai Baba.
  • - Kundalini Yoga, free scientific e-books.
  • Sikhism & Gurbani - Portal for e-greetings, wallpapers, screensavers, message board, punjabi calender, mailing list, groups, add url, links site, banner exchange etc
  • - Sikh books introducing Sikhism.
  • - many sadhana experiences explained.
  • - upliftment of all through traditional meditation, reading of scriptures, healing and more.
  • - an inspired spiritual magazine consists of articles of enduring interest from Indian and International sources for spiritual aspirants.
  • Telugu Bhakti .com - Slokas and Stotras for Telugu people around the globe.
  • The Messiah - Who is the Messiah and what has he done? Urdu, and English
  • Top Religion - online religious resources like Bhagvad Gita, Bible, Quran, Upnishads & Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

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