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Business Development Opportunities

Most partnership proposals fall under one of the following:

Contact Us to discuss any of the following proposed relationship. 

  • Content Partnerships - if you would like to provide content to us.
  • Distribution Partnerships -  if you are a manufacturer, vendor, or service provider who would like to distribute our services and/or content.
  • E-commerce Partnerships -  if you would like to propose a strategic e-commerce partnership. 
  • Technology Partnerships -  if you have a technology that would enhance our services.
  • Corporate Partnerships -  if you would like customized  services for your corporate intranet.
To propose any other strategic business relationship, please give a brief description of your proposed partnership with us. Please include specifics on how your partnership would benefit us and/or our user experience. For example, the type and size of audience that your distribution relationship would reach.  Clearly indicate the kind of relationship you are proposing.

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