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Dressing styles of indian girls-Developing concern

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By JRB on Thursday, August 16, 2007 - 06:39 pm: Edit Post

Message: Of late, We feel the dressing trends of indian women is becoming a concern to the traditional values. A nation like "India" where we give importance to "Culture" and "Family", we see , western culture is corrupting to the core. We are able to see many young girls walking on the road with low hip pants (showing the panties outside - they claim it as a style), without buttons on the tops. Recently, in one of the major city of india, I am able to see girls walking with low hip pants with holes made on the pants in the buttock area (this is claimed as the latest style). I am really feeling sad. Equalism and independence should not lead to a day when women walk without proper dresses. This can lead to "moral degenerosity " and make "India" another "USA" where there is no importance for "Family " and "Culture". We may use hi-fi words like "social" and "modern" etc to this culture but in reality we feel it is absurd.
Should we gear up and take some awareness before it really demolish the tradition of the country ? How team members feel.
Thanks in advance for all your replies
Shanthi: Yes. I also agree. But how to circumvent this sitution ? I feel, we need to provide adequate education on the 'traditional values' of the indian nation ? This needs to be taken up by the parents.
Senthil: Yes. This is a valid topic for discussion. I too agree with the comments made in the earlier threads
From: Friend,
This is in response to the article written by Ms.Shanti. I accept with your comments but I have to oppose when it comes to your thinking that such kind of dressing trend is from USA. I deny it completey, I donot know whether you have lived in USA but fashion is not restricted to just USA it comes from all over the world. Please donot see just the bad things of this place. This place is lot better especially when it comes eqaulity and respect for women , which I think will never be found in our country,every one is equal in front of the law in practice. we hear that in india we donot see it in pratice, always the the rich guy wins no matter what. I am not saying anything against our country I love it as much as any indian, but trying to show you that donot just judge a place with one reason. Most of the normal people living here are accepting our culture, they change thier religion to hinduism, worship hindu gods, love indian food, like our dressing.
From: Sangam, []
We should not think that USA is a cultureless country or bad country. I think they are most adorable people in the world, becoz they respect others. They respect equality. They really love indian culture. Americans are so open to other cultures and they accept the good from all over the world. They love indian saints, they love yoga and all. Now they are trying to follow indian yoga and spiritual thoughts but we indians are blindly following the cultureless culture that americans are really trying to avoid.
From: Friend,
Thats true sangam, I have seen american men turned purohiths and they cook Indian food in the wi
nin temple(krishna) and you wont believe one of them had been the cook of that temple for past 15 years, an american. They only wear dhothi and kurta and they are vegans. Lord balaji is also one gods worshiped. Its also true people here have long back started publishing books over yoga and normal people know the value and worth of it. They practice it on every day basis and also try to spread it among others. They are always two sides but as you said Americans are nice people as wells a indians are always the best.

By Bhave on Thursday, August 16, 2007 - 06:59 pm: Edit Post

In retrospect we here in America share your same concerns and see the trends here going towards the trendy (India style clothes) but it is like other say it is up to the parents to distill these values in their children. I become very frustrated when I know as a grown woman what it is doing to our younger generation, but only hope that once they reach womanhood it will change as it usually does when they get a job/get married and settled. Your life will change a lot in India with Industrialization. The poor will get poorer/the rich become more rich and the middle class pays for everything. I feel for you country as it changes as it will seem overnight with window's of opportunity. I am an American married to one of your NRI's and I will tell you he is more American than I in some cases. He has taught me through going to visit India to be thankful for our Great Nation. If you have not been to USA you should before you lash out and say we don't care about our families nor our culture. Because I know many their parents live with them/grandparent's etc. We are independent people and you would never understand this unless you have lived it. It is truly a blessing to walk out your door and see how glorious a place God has given us all. Look at the bright side.... many moons ago you could not do a lot of things you are able to do now as women. Be grateful. I AM. Another thing about America FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!

By nelam on Thursday, August 16, 2007 - 06:59 pm: Edit Post

its the 21 century, it was going to happen some day, and now it has. it highlights the most abvious issue, that the western world is more influential, and fun. love it or hate it, the more you say to them don't do it the more they will.

By Anonymous on Tuesday, August 11, 2009 - 01:27 pm: Edit Post

Who asked Indians to follow the west and their culture?
Indians themselves imitate the west and at the same time criticise them ?
If their culture do not suit u,then dont go by it?
How far Is it healthy to keep on cursing and criticising others instead correct your own shortcomings??

It shows sick mentality?

so it is better to gaurd yourselves rather to pointout other's style. Let them go by their style or culture,
what's the problem!
you don't giveup your own.
We the very Indians need to have to be more wise
and more generous to see and adapt the best from others.Not the bad (if there is)or It is not their fault.

Indians pl.chek it .and be admirables

It is wise to light the candle (within self)instead cursing the dark.(anywhere)

By Yara on Saturday, May 05, 2012 - 10:19 pm: Edit Post

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By Gino on Saturday, August 25, 2012 - 05:59 am: Edit Post

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