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A Question on the Matter of Dating, and Meeting the Parents.

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By Talia on Thursday, August 16, 2007 - 06:58 pm: Edit Post

From: Talia, []
Hi everyone. I have been writing a story lately, in while most of the characters are from India. I am American, and I am sad to say, most of my knowledge of Indian culture comes from what I've seen in Bollywood films and a few magazine articles. I am faced with an issue I've not yet heard described in either source, and am curious if anyone can explain any bizarrities of the circumstance:

Indian girl dating Englishman of Indian heritage. He meets her parents, who don't know about him, in awkward cirsumstance.

What should he say?

I imagine he won't annouce right out that he's dating her, but would try to make a good impression in general, maybe saying that he's just her friend?

And I have a suspicion one of the girl's sisters will blow the "just friends" lie mid-way through the scene, but it can't go too badly -- these characters need to get married by the end of the story, so a certain degree of parental approval should be obtained here. Thanks for your help, anyone who responds.
From: Friend, []
In response to your article, it depends on various things, like how close the girl is with her parents to share about her things going on with her life, or whether are not indian parents do understand the new culture of dating especailly when thier "daugthers" are dating, because this may not be new to india but defenielty not a cultural practice of finding a groom.

As an example I have always been close to my parents and they know me well enough to trust me that I do have the ability to make right choices in my life and they have
en always supportive not that I have dated any english or american men but they would not oppose if I fall in love with a nice person and get married.

Its always good to be truthful and open with both your parents share your opinions and rather than lying, if the guy whom thier daughter is dating has the heart to be truthful and tell that he does not see her just as friend(which is a lie) and rather some one else blurting it out, they not only accept but would gain their love and respect.

This my opinion and it would be a good example to show that parents are always on your side no matter what rather than most of the indian movies where they show the parents as vilans who always oppose the love of "innocent", "vunerable" heroine or the hero.

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