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India and Pakistan peace

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By Indian on Thursday, August 16, 2007 - 06:41 am: Edit Post

India and Pakistan peace
Dear friend, I have made a comparison between the Chinese and Indian experience. Please feel free to give me your comment and opinions.
Based on chinese experience of reunification and rejuvenation, It is reported that India National Father Gandi did not want the British to partition India. India and Pakistan should have peace. Indian should not fight against Indian. Paksistanis and Hindu are descendent of Indian civilization. Pakistanis province is part of India. If the unification of Indian is not completed, it may be a historical regret to the Indian. If any Indian leader look weak on Pakistanis question, his leadership will be threatened by his Indian political competitors. No Indian leader want to shed the blood of Indian and endanger the live of Indian children in combat. Pakistanis province is a strategic located along the land route to China, Central Asia and Middle East. Pakistansi province can be used as tool to counter Indian mainland, encirclement of Indian mainland, launch platform for terrorist assault on Indian mainland and ally in operation against the Indian mainland. If Indian mainland and Pakistnis province is reunified peacefully, the combined strength, asset and resources will accelerate India to achieve mulit-polarity. If a war broke out between Indian mainland and Paskistanis province, Indian will be weakened. A war with Pakistanis province will be risky for Indian mainland as both possess nuclear weapon. Maybe India can borrow Chinese experience and stressed ' One Indian principle and 'One India, Two System'
Please give me your comments and opinions on the above. Thank you. -A. H. Hasan
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Message: Dear Indian, One of the key elements that led to the successful unification of China with Hong Kong and Macau is the fact that the citizens residing in those countries saw themselves as chnese first and therefore by extension, as parts of China. The Pakistan situation is different; Pakistani's not only see themselves as Pakistani's but also see Pakistan as India's equal. You on the other hand continue to refer to their country as a province. With this quality of understanding and respect for the perceptions of your neighbour, how can you talk of cooepration - let alone re-unification. I dont agree with this crap Akhand bharat.There was no India before independence it was a cluster of kingdoms under brit empire. We became India and pakistan in '47. lets face it. Live and let live. my email is
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Message: Pakistan and India can never be at peace, one should always be able to grasp this truth. During 1947 partition millions of people were killed by Islamic seperatists in Punjab and Bengal. Hindus and Sikhs of that regions lost their wealth, women and prestige and can never forgive those responsible for such a frenzy.It is like forgiving the Nazis for killing the Jews. A Hindu and Sikh is no less valuable in any sense than a Muslim and vice versa. The average Indian even today believes without doubt that the creation of Pakistan was deliberate snatching of one's rightfully owned land and property by means of treachery, politics and aboveall use of Islam religion to gain control. Those who talk of secularism in India are of very short shelf life as one day the two nations are bound to fight a final battle for which the preparation has been going on for 5 decades now. The Islamic extremism and Hindu revenge cannot settle their differences over coffee table as Islam cannot accept defeat on any account by Kafirs and the Hindus never forget to take revenge to the fullest from the Katwas. The biggest drawback of the two nations is that while Pakistan beats its drums of Islamic state and at the same time is fighting extremists under US pressure, one can easily find all non-islamic things in Pakistan. Similarly, India beats its drums of secularism, while communal riots in India claims thousands of lives every now and then. So come to reality, lets face it, Kashmir is common to both of our countries and it will be the only alibi for the two countries to fight and get destroyed. I can bet that Kashmiris themselves are not a single percent concerned if Pakistan gets wiped out or India, they are too busy and occupied earning their bread by being in the middle. So my dear Muslim people of Pakistan, accept it that you are extremists even in the most intelligentsia segment of Pakistan and Hindus have learned a lot from you and have almost become same like you. You have created your country on blood and you will only reap blood. Don't be in any misnomer that one day Delhi will be yours as this is no Mughal period and not even US can capture any nation even size of Fiji. Till such time you can play politics everyone will live, anything above politics will wipe u out. You know that, everyone knows that. So like you say, let Hindus of India prosper and let them feed the massive Muslim populace in India, or if u feel too much about Muslim plight in India, grant them dual citizenship and take them in your country, thats real brotherhood. I think I have not written anything out of fact.

By Muhammad on Wednesday, March 06, 2013 - 06:52 pm: Edit Post

1. Indira Gandhi Assassination2. Golden Temple Siege3.India's worst/deadliest industrial adcicent4.Sikh MassacreSorry that this is a little small but I just typed up the stuff I could remember Hope I helped

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