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Madhya Pradesh Tourism Guide
Saturday 10 November 2007

Welcome to Madhya Pradesh! The Heritage Heartland of India!

"Al Khajuraho, the karanas that dancers spend years to perfect seem carved so effortlessly in stone"-Mallika Sarabhai, Classical Dancer

Madhya Pradesh is the very heart of India! Khajuraho is just one of the amazing destinations of Madhya Pradesh. Steeped in history, blessed by nature, sanctified by faith and alive with wildlife. Moments of valor and glory, etched in stone. Love, passion, feasting, divinity, arrested in the sensitive chisels of master craftsman. Meandering rivers, lush forests, hills and ravines. The roar of the tiger. It's the magic of a many-splendoured land. Come see it all yourself. Have a holiday of your life without going North, South, East or West. Make it Madhya Pradesh this time!

Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation Ltd.

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